About us

We provide research, training, and communication services to help address the world's most pressing problems. Michael Noetel, Alexander Saeri and Peter Slattery are academic researchers who met at an effective altruism conference in 2017 and founded Ready Research in 2019. Emily Grundy joined Ready Research to lead the animal products review in 2019 and became part of the leadership team in 2020.

Our volunteers

We have collaborated with more than 100 volunteers. These include advisors who provided subject-matter expertise, team leaders who led and managed projects, and team members who gained research experience while supporting a project. Our past volunteers also include more than 100 researchers and other interested parties who helped us with the development and dissemination of the SCRUB project.

READI team
Team members and volunteers at a conference in 2019

Our impacts

More about our research >>>

We completed and published a meta-review to identify interventions that reduce dietary consumption of animal products. You can read the peer-reviewed article here or a read a project summary here.

We completed a meta-review to identify interventions that promote charitable donations. You can read the published paper here or read a project summary here.

Our Survey of Covid-19 Behaviours (SCRUB) project was funded by the Victorian Government for 15 months, resulting in a total of output of 21 waves of data collection and reporting for policymakers. Read more on our research page.

We have had a significant impact on the careers of effective altruists who collaborated with us on reviews and received our research training. Emily got a job at BehaviourWorks Australia and was accepted to a fellowship at Rethink Priorities, while other collaborators have asked for references, progressed in their research careers, and got roles at effective altruism aligned research organisations.

Our behavioural science newsletter has more than 950 subscribers and has led to at least one job.

Our ongoing exploration of how to translate philanthropy research has attracted interest from more than 30 decision makers at charities, including representatives from The Life You Can Save, GiveDirectly, Against Malaria Foundation, SCI Foundation and Giving What We Can.