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Our mission

Ready Research is a group of volunteers who conduct behaviour science research to help address the world's most pressing problems.

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More about us >>>

Our work

As a research collaboration, we

- identify research areas where behaviour change or improved decision-making would do the most good

- coordinate and conduct rigorous applied research to discover how to change behaviour or improve decision-making, and

- amplify the reach and impact of behavioural evidence so that it can help support doing the most good with what we have.

If you're trying to decide which messaging will best encourage prospective donors to contribute financially to your charity, then you should read about our charitable donations review.

If you’re working in animal welfare or trying to encourage the public to eat less meat and other animal products, then you should read our animal products consumption review preprint.

If you’re trying to decide on the policies that will most reduce harm and support a sustainable recovery from COVID-19, you should read about our Survey of COVID-19 Responses to Understand Behaviour (SCRUB) project.

More about our research >>>
More about our research >>>

Get Involved

If you are new to research, you can volunteer your time to learn about and conduct rigorous applied research as part of our systematic review and meta-analysis teams.

If you are a researcher or practitioner working in the areas of international development, global poverty, existential and/or catastrophic risks, artificial intelligence governance, animal welfare, the long-term future, climate change, decision-making, behaviour science, you can (1) volunteer your time as a project advisory team member to increase the quality and usefulness of research we conduct in these areas, or (2) contact us to discuss research collaboration opportunities.

More about our collaboration >>>
More about our collaboration >>>